From small group lectures to lectures for audiences of over 100 people, I speak on a variety of nutrition topics.



businesses & ORGANIZATIONS

From large organization conferences, to practice groups, to small businesses, I cover a variety of nutrition and business topics.


students & dietetic interns

Nutrition students and RDs-to-be greatly benefit from guidance from nutrition professionals. I motivate them and provide valuable insight.



The transition from playing sports competitively to the “real world” can be overwhelming and confusing. I offer nutrition and exercise guidance to help young adults define and find their new balance.


Collegiate Athletes

Competitive athletes should have access to nutrition guidance. I can cover sport-specific fueling, proper guidance for weight sports, supplements, banned substances, and more.

NCAA Athletes

Former NCAA Athletes

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Number of Lectures It Takes to Make a Difference

Claire haft playing soccer at GW

My Story

Former Collegiate Athlete

Playing competitive sports from high school to college showed me the value of good nutrition and taking care of my body.

“Feed the cheetah” was a common phrase yelled by a teammate’s parent in my early soccer days. It was his way of telling my teammates to slip the ball through the defenders so I, the forward, could run as fast as I could to get the ball and score. This phrase coincidentally now ties into one of my main focuses: how to fuel for optimal performance.

I grew up playing many sports, all of which included the infamous orange slices at halftime. This, of course came with…

Topic Examples

  • Transitioning from college sports to the real world – nutrition and exercise
  • Building a balanced plate
  • General sports nutrition overview
  • Optimal fueling based on sport
  • Meal timing around exercise
  • Starting your own nutrition business
  • SEO for nutrition businesses

My Approach

I offer both virtual and in-person lectures. For pricing please submit a lecture request.


Building a Balanced Plate for Health, Performance, and Longevity, Corporations

Plant-Based Protein for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes, California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference & Expo

Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, Teachers College, Columbia University

Columbia University Athletics Team Lectures

Fueling for Class & Exercise – Navigating Your Food Options, Columbia University


Claire has a solid foundation of nutrition knowledge, allowing her to present on various topics as a guest lecturer. She has a skill set of taking complex topics and making them palatable and absorbable to her audience, passionately and appropriately. Claire is extremely engaging, always has a gorgeous slide deck, and is easily able to motivate and inspire her audience. I always look forward to her presentations!

Debbie Rosenbaum, MA, RDN, CDN

Director, Dietetic Internship Program, Teachers College, Columbia University

I’ve had the pleasure of presenting with Claire and listening to her on numerous occasions. She spends an immense amount of preparatory time tailoring her talks to her specific audience. She is a calm and collected speaker who engages with her audience through visually appealing presentations.

Erin Kratzer, MS, RDN, LDN

Consultant Sports Dietitian - Collegiate & Professional Organizations, ComplEAT Sports Nutrition

Claire is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She presents nutrition information in a very approachable manner to make a lasting impact on her audience.

Amy C. Marteney, MA, RD, CSSD, ATC

Director of Sports Nutrition, Columbia University

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Please note that I am located near Syracuse, NY, so a travel fee for in-person lectures may apply depending on your location.  

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